Wine 101 Class - October 23

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Wine 101 is exactly what it sounds like: a primer to wine. This is Amber's favorite class to teach, and we, humbly, like to say she's kind of the best at it. Learn how the pros sip, swirl, and pour and get some of those lingering questions answered in an intimate, fun 'classroom' experience. 

This guided tasting will take you through the basics of wine from white to red. You'll learn how to better taste wine, why it's not okay for anyone to tell you what you like, and a number of wine puns that are sure to brighten any cocktail party. 

In addition to your wine tasting and handouts, you'll enjoy snacks from The Wine Seller's Cork Cafe and be treated to secrets and stories from the mysterious wine industry. 

Who this class is good for: anyone over 21 with an interest in wine who'd like to learn a little more.


Time: Wednesday, October 23 at 7 pm 

Location: The Wine Seller in Monticello Marketplace

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