Valdibella Sicilia Catarratto Munir

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Grape variety

100% Catarratto

We can find only this grape variety in the region of Sicily North-West. This variety is rarely grown outside of the Island.

Vineyards and harvest

The settlement of the Catarratto vineyards is quite interesting, in some areas they are located at

500 m above sea level, in particular in this altitude the warm climate allows a gradual and slow ripening, with rich flavour and consistent freshness and acidity of the wine. The first harvest starts end of September, and continues beginning of October on the higher levels.

 Wine making

Just after a short period of contact with the peels, the fermentation will follow in a controlled temperature and naturally the lactic fermentation starts, this will bring a great softness to the wine which will be bottled in February.


Yellow straw-coloured, with golden reflections

Nose: very fruity, white flowers citrus flavour, with a light touch of vanilla.

Tasting: maintains a good freshness and a great persistence on the palate.

These important characteristics make the wine to be served with tasty and flavoured fishes as tuna or pasta prepared with seafood.          

Alcohol 12.5 %

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