Valdespino Contrabandisto

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Contrabandista is a Medium Dry Amontilllado Blend, which means it has a wide base of Amontillado, mixed with 5% of younger Pedro Ximénez. It was originally made for the American market (with more sweetness) but apparently they’ve toned down the sweetness in recent years.

All grapes come from the pago Macharnudo Alto and are fermented in butt, which was common in the past but now unique to Valdespino. It is basically the Amontillado Tio Diego (which in turns is the older brother of the Fino Inocente), aged for around 8 years under flor and an additional 8 years in the Amontillado solera.

The Medium Dry category goes all the way from 5 to 115 grams of sugar. While most Medium sherry is in the upper region of sugar content, this one contains around 30 grams of residual sugar, which means it should be off-dry rather than thoroughly sweet.

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