About us

After 22 years of "retirement”, Bill Moore has decided to pass the torch, or wine bottle in our case,  to another "retiree", John Audia. ‘The beer guy’, as he has become to be known, decided to continue the legacy of The Wine Seller.  In addition to the familiar face of Chyna Jones as our expert Wine Manager, the Wine Seller will continue to be your one stop shop for fine wine, craft beer, cigars and delicious food.  Behind the scenes, our partner Sean Ryan helps keep us up and running on everything tech.

We have made some physical changes, such as a new coat of paint, rearranging some shelves, adding some tables and chairs and moving the beer taps behind the bar! We have opened up the front of the store to accommodate more tables and provide a more spacious atmosphere.  The quality of products and service however has not and will not change. John and Chyna are dedicated to continue the service you have become accustomed to and will continue to represent the excellence for which this store is reputed. You may see some new faces, like Kara our newest addition, but the reputation and knowledge is still here.
We hope you will continue to think of us for all of your Wine, Craft beer and Cigar needs.  We hope to get everyone back in the shop for tastings and some other new events we would like to launch, so stay tuned for updates.  We can't wait for y'all to be able to come back in and spend some time drinking, eating and enjoying the good company of friends.  
Cheers to many more years!!