Rogue Blue Heaven Shaker 3 oz

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  • Reflective of over a half-century of blue cheese making, Blue Heaven is a proprietary blend of Oregon Blue, Oregonzola, Crater Lake Blue, and other Rogue Creamery special reserve blue cheeses
  • This original powder of blue flavors highlights the flavor subtleties in their cheeses including a medium blue spice, rich umami, subtle brazil nut and bacon, rich fruit and huckleberry flavors, with a finish of brown butter and sweet cream
  • Amazing as an added flavor combined with butter, mayonnaise, crème fraiche, and heavy cream, creating superb dressings, sauces, dips, flavored butters, and popcorn seasonings
  • Also use it in place of salt for Bloody Marys, for deviled eggs...the possibilities are endless
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