Libertine Goofballs

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NV Hopped Up on Goofballs
During the 2017 harvest my cellar mate and I were discussing a new release from a brewer in town: Rosé IPA. We were aghast at their audacity to tap into our industry. You try to play in my court and imma dunk all over your ass. The next year I created a dry hopped white wine and joined their hops arms race. I even called it a dumbass name like they do. You can’t out stupid this idiot. Hopped up on Goofballs is a product the world has never seen. The question is, should it? The decision is yours. 

Base wine is 60/40 Sémillon/Riesling
Hop recipe is 60/40 Mosaic/Citra

Like all our other wines, it was wild yeast fermented in neutral oak. Other than a very small amount of sulfite, absolutely nothing was added to this wine (other than hops). Unfiltered and unfined.

TA 5.5 g/LpH 3.63
L - Malic Acid <0.1 g/L
G+F 5.1 g/L
Artwork by Larry Carlson

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