Lapostolle Cuvee Alexander Carmenere

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Sourced from our own vineyards, Cuvée Alexandre wines express our dedication to quality and the expressions of the Terroir of Lapostolle.  

About the Vineyard

Apalta is located 170 Kilometers South West of Santiago in the Colchagua Valley.  The Vineyard is situated on a North to South exposure, which is quite rare in Chile.  This geography is responsible for the conditions that ensure balance for our vines and a slow ripening for the grapes.  Apalta has special meso-climate that is different from the rest of Colchagua Valley. Its climate could be described as Semi-dry Mediterranean; with a winter only rainy season and a long dry summer season.

Wine Production

To express the terroir of Apalta is our mission, so our winemaking philosophy remains a very natural process with minimal intervention. Our key points are 100% hand harvesting in small cases of 14 kilos and strict fruit selection by optical state of the art grape selection by Vistalys. A gentle extraction and a judicious use of oak to preserve the fruit but integrate the complexity that a wine of this quality deserves.  All fermentations were made with native yeasts.

Tasting Notes

Color: Intense purple red
Nose: Complex, with red and black fruit such as maqui berry and spices such as red pepper, vanilla and dill.
Palate: Wide, of medium acidity and round tannins with fruit such as sarsaparilla and maqui berry. Medium long finish.

Food Pairing

Decant and serve at 16°C (60°F). Ideal for dishes such as rabbit roulade with mint and apricot or four-cheese pasta with truffles with grated truffles.

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