La Lejania Cabernet Sauvignon

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Tasting Notes
"A steal from La Lejania! Its aromas of spiced fruit, black cherry work into soft tannins The finish is garnished with licorice and plum, and finish with an easy smokiness. This medium to full bodied Cabernet will pair easily with a variety of red meat, poultry or and stewed dishes." Winery Tasting Notes

"The 2012 La Lejania Cabernet Sauvignon will surprise you with its notes of lively fruit and depth. Mid-palate, there is a smokiness, with some spicy notes. That spicy smokiness is carried into the finish, where its tannins are found in the smooth finish." Importer tasting notes

About the Winemaker
"The Pedregal family`s bodega and vineyards are located in Villa Alegre of Chile`s Maule Region (VII), Within an old winery that has stood the test of time and has modernized itself through the years, it has been able to achieve significant progress within the winemaking world.

The Terroir
The Loncomilla Valley, where our vines thrive, found in Villa Alegre, is a sector amongst the most renowned for its ancient history in the wine trade. It is a transverse valley, orientated from east to west, from the Andes mountain range to the Pacific ocean. It is here where our beautiful land is situated, and where the highest-quality wines are born.
La Lejania wines originate from the youngest family estates, whose viticulture focuses on the production of high-quality fruit, fresh in flavor and aroma." - Importer

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