Heron Cabernet Sauvignon

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Light crushing, just breaking the skin of the berry to allow for greater fruitiness in fermentation. Light pressing to avoid green tannins. Closed stainless steel fermentation, minimizing oxygen exposure and emphasizing fruitiness. 35% of the wine is drawn off to finish fermentation in oak to enrich the mouth-feel and gain greater fruit/oak cohesion. The wine is aged for about another nine months in new, one and two year old French oak barrels with medium-toast.


This medium brick, plum colored Cabernet showcases the varietal. Ripe Cabernet shines with intense black cherry notes in this two-vineyard blend. The palate is Bordeaux in style as the flavors, while concentrated, have a rustic fruit expression favoring dried cherry, cassis and pomegranate notes. The wine finishes with balanced cherry flavors, present acidity and subtle oak notes yielding a light vanilla and cocoa finish. The wine’s softer tannins are due to the light handed approach on barrel aging as we use mostly neutral French Oak. The vineyard selection, and earlier than typical California harvesting, come together to make a Bordeaux inspired Cabernet.

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