Herman Story Late Bloomer

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Winemaker Notes

A day at the lake left you sun-soaked and sleepy. Dirt and wood chips stick to your feet and probably your hair, but somewhere hidden in these pines, a fire’s waiting. When you sat on the rocks with Robbie Vanderberg, after his shift at the produce market, while his friends pushed each other off the dock, did he mean to touch your hand? His sticky blackberry-stained fingers, the breeze off the water, now it’s all fading away between a flickering bonfire, carefree chatter, and a flask you’ve been passed, sweet bourbon. Curled in a camping chair, you wonder what he would do if you made a move. There’s only one way to find out.

94 points, Wine Enthusiast

Always one of the most hilarious yet sweet labels of the year, this bottling begins with loads of clove, black-cardamom cream, crème brûlée and tiramisu on the nose, alongside deep black plum and black cherry. The palate carries that forward, with thick and full flavors, from black cherry to exotic vanilla bean, ending with a flash of leather.

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