French Camembert 8 oz wheel

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Origin: France
Milk: Cow, pasteurized
Rennet: Animal
Affinage: Roughly 3 weeks
Thoughts: This particular Camembert is relatively mild despite a very mushroomy smell. The fluffy rind is effectively without flavor but is soft enough to compliment the sticky texture of the paste. Dominated by notes of mushroom and grass, the flavor remains fairly constant throughout and is carried along by a strong creaminess. Towards the end a mild tang develops and lasts into the aftertaste but all in all it's still an unoffensive cheese. Not saying that a Camembert need be offensive to be worthwhile, this particular cheese simply falls short of the "oooh"s and "aaah"s that this French classic should elicit. At room temperature the whole cheese is thoroughly tasty and will add a strong presence to any cheese plate, but being better than American factory-made garbage is not grounds alone for highest praise.

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