Foam Brewing #1 Hit Jam 4pk can

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11% ABV


Imperial Fruited Sour conditioned with Raspberry, Blackberry, and Black Currant. Recently, we've dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to developing big and bold, fruit-forward sour ales. Allowing abnormally high alcohol content to compliment the tart fruit flavors we've all come to appreciate in more modest examples of the style. Until now, such beers have only been available for draft pours at Foam. We are excited to offer the first one in cans.⠀

#1 Hit Jam is both familiar and unique. It combines the flavor and consistency of a berry smoothie with tart lemon and vinous character of red wine. Smells like a cherry Tootsie Pop and tastes of sangria. We hope you enjoy.

We would like to thank our friend Max Hogsdon (Vader the Villian) for once again sharing his incredible talents with us. This label is astounding. 
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