Fatalone Spinomarino

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Alcoholic content:
12,5% by vol.
6 months in stainless steel tanks, 3 months in bottle
Main features:
Brilliant golden yellow colour, with pale green hues. Delicate bouquet of spring flowers, with the heady scent of flowering grapes, green apple and pineapple, mixed with a mild note of honey. Smooth, pleasant, balanced taste of apricot, yellow plum, green banana and honey. Great minerality and freshness to exalt the complexity of this wine.
Best at temperature:
12°- 15°C
Best with:
A very versatile natural authentic wine: a great match with fried foods, salads, seafood appetizers and grilled vegetables and fish. Excellent with fresh cheeses, mozzarella and light soups. Outstanding match with pizza and excellent as an aperitif.
Further information:
Greco, a noble table wine, reaches its best after one year of fining and can age in bottle for 7 years.
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