Eola Hills Chardonnay Reserve

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Here at Eola Hills, we believe it is all about balance in life, as well as in winemaking. In the case of our 2017 Reserve Barrel Select Chardonnay, the fruit, the oak, and the acid all come together in harmony. Barrels are selected from various vineyard lots across Oregon with unique appellations and yeast selections, and aged for 14-18 months, before it is harmoniously blended together. The nose opens up with vanilla followed by rich flavors of coconut and finishing with a light touch of butter for a long and flavorful finish. - Winemaker Steve Anderson

The coconut and butter flavors of this Chardonnay coupled with the subtle crisp talc finish make this an elegant wine. Grilled or lightly smoked fish or poultry work particularly well as a food pairing. Try it with Apricot Chicken.


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