Electra Moscato Rose

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Compared to other moscatos, the Electras are more aromatic, crisp and refreshing. Most moscatos are made from Muscat of Alexandria, but Electra Rosé is made using only premium muscat varieties: Orange Muscat, Black Muscat and Muscat Canelli; grapes we’ve grown, crushed and enjoyed for nearly four decades. These varieties are more difficult to grow and bear smaller yields, but their aromas and flavors are more refined.

To make Electra Moscato Rosé, free run juice is fermented for more than a month at low temperature after which it is chilled, sterile filtered, and bottled. This process preserves its delicate flavors and slight fizz. Its beautifully vibrant coral pink hue comes from rosé of Black Muscat, which is captured during the early stages of crush.

So, what does it taste like? We thought you’d never ask!… This rosé moscato tastes of succulent strawberries and dragon fruit. It’s perfect for brunch or under the sun, with fresh fruit, creamy desserts, and various sweet and savory foods.

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