Donkey & Goat OV Carignan

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In our opinion, old vine Carignane is one of the many unsung grape heroes that is far too often hidden from lists of varietals, never being the star. We are among several California producers striving to highlight the beauty and versatility of varietal (old vine) Carignane at the Testa Vineyard, planted in 1912 by Gaetano & Maria Testa and farmed today by 4th generation Maria Testa & her husband Rusty.

Tasting Note:
If you could bottle up the sensation of a foggy morning walk through a pine forest, it would be our Old Vine Carignane. At first, you’ll notice the scent of late summer blackberries and wild strawberries. As the wine opens, a subtler hint of dried wood, pink peppercorns and rosemary emerges. Somewhere between the first and last sip, you’ll find yourself deep in the woods. Enjoy with rosemary potatoes and medium-rare lamb roast.

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