Domaine des Malandes Chablis

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A family-owned estate, run by Lyne Marchive and employing the talents of Guénolé Breteaudeau as winemaker, Domaine des Malandes say of themselves on their website:


'On 29 hectare Domaine des Malandes is a family business that has the privilege to associate craft tradition of winemakers with the best modern equipment... all our windfalls can be enjoyed with seafood, as an aperitif, with grilled fish, poached or baked, also a poultry farmer, a good pot or roast veal.'


So if you are a cannibal, or possibly a serial killer, intending to eat a poultry farmer and are unsure what to serve with your meal...


In all seriousness, their unfortunate reliance on auto-transaltion notwithstanding, Domaine des malandes produce some cracking Chablis.  The simple AC wine is sourced from vines averaging 35 years old and has real concentration of flavour, with mouth-watering grapefruit and lemon fruit and steely balancing acidity.

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