Domaine des Homs Viognier

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Location : The Domaine des Homs is located in the heart of the Minervois, between
Carcassonne and Narbonne.
Terroir : Vineyards on terraces made up of Quaternary Epoch soils, consisting of sharp‐
edged and weathered clay rocks.
Climate : Mediterranean. Particularly hot summers. The Tramontaine wind drives out
any humidity, establishing very favorable conditions for viticulture.
Grape used : 100% Viognier
Yield: 27 Hectoliters per Hectare.
Average age of the vines: 12 years
Vineyard Area: 2 Hectares – ORGANIC CERTIFIED CULTURE
Extraction by pressing. Debourbage (settling) occurs naturally under the influence of
the ambient temperature of 10‐12 Celsius (50‐55 Fahrenheit). Clarity is achieved after
36 hours. Yeast is added, and fermentation takes place, at a low temperature of 17‐18
Celsius (64‐66 Fahrenheit). Fermentation lasts 3‐4 weeks. Barrique fermentation for
half the wine, and vat fermentation for the other half.. Assemblage and bottling take
place in March of the year following the vintage.
When to drink:
Our Vin de Pays d’Oc white viognier is apt to be enjoyed young, within two years after
vintage, especiallly if one seeks a wine of elegance, charm and fresh fruit flavor.

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