Las Jaras Rose

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Old Vines Mendocino County

Yes, this is a pink party wine—but it’s a classy pink party wine. This is a rosé you want to bring home to meet your parents. It deserves to be drunk alongside imported tinned fish, salted butter, and impeccably made, artisanal baguettes. If this rosé could talk, it would have a lilting French accent and quote Godard.

Over the years, our rosé has seen an evolution. Early on, our rosé was 100% Carignan.Then it moved to a Zinfandel led blend. We think this vintage has the ideal balance. Our goal is a wine that is both fruity and savory. On the nose, it is all about big red fruit and hibiscus. On the palate, it is packed with acid and minerality, with a bone-dry finish. It’s texturally interesting, as a result of destemming the zinfandel. It has razzmatazz—a departure from the rosés of Provence.


Gary Venturi Carignan: 57% old vine, dry farmed, sustainable, no systemics (undergoing organic conversion)

Ricetti Vineyards Carignan: 8% old vine, dry farmed, certified organic

Hillside Vineyards Zinfandel: 35% old vine, dry farmed, certified organic

All of the vineyards we source for this wine are head trained old vines that are dry farmed. Hillside Vineyards is in the Talmage area of Ukiah Valley; Gary Venturi’s vineyard is in Calpella, north of Ukiah and the Ricetti Vineyard is in Redwood Valley, north of Ukiah.

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