Broadbent Rainwater HALF bottle

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The history of Madeira wine stretches back to the Age of Exploration, when Madeira was a frequent port of call for ships whose captains would fuel up on wine—fortified to prevent spoilage—for their trans-Atlantic journey. The blazing heat of the sea voyage transformed the flavor of the wines, a metamorphosis reproduced by a process called estufagem during which the wines are heated to as high as 60°C (140°F) and oxidated. Begun in 1996, Broadbent Madeira was inspired by Bartholomew Broadbent’s father, Michael Broadbent, who called Madeira his “desert island wine,” and who played a crucial role along with his wife, Daphne, in sourcing the wines and establishing the blends.

HARVEST/VINTAGE NOTES: Combining different wines together, we try to have a final wine with high quality. Blending helps to balance the wine, to add layers of flavors and better integrate the sugars
and acids. Blending allows us to select the best characteristics of different wines and then mix them all together to create a much better flavor profile, maintaining the consistence of quality and, off course, reduce the negative impacts, if any, that some harvest years may present.


Grapes : Tinta Negra (red grape) Alcohol: 19 % vol.
Residual Sugar: 67.5 g/l
pH: 3.44

Total Acidity: 5.1 g/l (as tartaric acid) Total Sulphur: 30 mg/L

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