I'm not a chef, but I pretend at home.

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  • By Amber Hatfield, CSW
I'm not a chef, but I pretend at home.

Take some time to dig into your culinary genius. You might surprise yourself, and you'll probably clean things out of your fridge.

We have a Hello Fresh subscription in our house that works like this:

1. Forget you have Hello Fresh.

2. Receive surprise shipment.

3. Pause Hello Fresh for four weeks.

4. Receive surprise shipment. 

It's kind of a fun game, but often ends up with us cannibalizing what came in the box because we've just been to the grocery store or we don't want what we were sent. So the chicken that was in the Balsamic Fig Glazed Chicken goes on a salad or the capers that were part of the Sole en Papillote end up sitting in the door of the fridge for a couple months. (Don't worry; it was a sealed glass jar. Also, do capers even go bad?)

We are both comfortable in the kitchen and enjoy cooking so Hello Fresh sometimes is a little not-our-speed. One of these days, we'll end up cancelling it, but it may involve sending an email, so there's a chance we'll receive surprise boxes fo the rest of our life. (Also, if you're not super comfortable in the kitchen, Hello Fresh is a great way to learn to be!)

The point to this whole ramble is, we got a surprise Hello Fresh box this week, and the fridge was full from our most recent grocery trip that involved buying food for what seems like four months because "essential" trips, amiright? So the box came in, and I had to magically make room in the fridge for all the things. What resulted was Leftovers-for-Dinner night, meal prep lunches for work, and my very first attempt at making focaccia. 

Like most humans who don't have a gluten intolerance, I love bread. More specifically, I love to buy bread; I've never been much of a baker. But this bread? I'm pretty sure my five year old niece could make this bread. I was able to use the last tomato, half a zucchini I found in the crisper, the last few cloves of garlic I'd peeled last week, and the glass jar of capers from a previous Hello Fresh debacle. Not to mention the partial bag of flour and random packet of yeast I found tucked in the back of our spice cabinet.

When this "masterpiece" came out of the oven, you would have thought manna had dropped directly from heaven the way our kitchen smelled. All of the oily, salty goodness in that pan was amazing. Not to mention the added bonus of meditating through dough kneading and practicing patience as I allowed it to proof. All in all, it was one of the highlights of the last couple of weeks.

That being said, take the time to clean out your fridge. Maybe make something you didn't think you could make. Lose yourself in the process of cooking. You can even drink wine while you do it! My pairing for this doughy delight was Le Fraghe Chiaretto. The new vintage just came in, and it's even better than last year's. Out of flour? We've got that now too. Need some inspiration? Give us a call or email. We're always happy to help. 

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