Beef - Ground Wagyu 75/25 pound

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Mishima Reserve ground beef simply makes for the most luscious and flavorful burgers ever. The marbling melts and helps create a perfect crust, sealing the juices into the patty, until that first, mind-blowing bite.

Cooking Tips

Our ground beef makes incredible burgers, whether you're grilling them to perfection or pan-searing them in a skillet. 

  • Prepare your burger seasoning and divide it in half. Mix half of the seasoning directly into the beef, form the patties, and refrigerate them for one hour to let them set. 
  • One hour before grilling, remove the burgers from the refrigerator, season them with the remaining seasoning, and let them come up to near room temperature before grilling or pan frying. 
  • Watch for flare-ups if you're cooking on the grill. If a flare-up happens - don't worry - simply move the burger to a new spot on the grill and continue cooking. 
  • Grill or pan-fry burgers on medium-high heat, about 1½ minutes per side. You can either finish the burgers on a higher rack in the barbecue with the lid closed or in the oven on 350º F. Our favorite way to check doneness is the Thermapen Mk4.
  • When hosting a crowd, sear the burgers ahead of time without finishing them and then refrigerate. When you are ready to serve your guests, finish the burgers in a 350º F oven.  This leaves you free to enjoy the party or prepare other dishes. 

1 pound vacuum sealed pack, frozen

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