Andrew Murray Tous Les Jour Syrah

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We refer to our “everyday” and easy-drinking Syrah as “Tous les Jours”. A red wine blend of Syrah from Paso Robles and Santa Ynez Valley vineyards, it is carefully blended to produce a soft, smooth Syrah full of ripe berry aromas and flavors. Tous les Jours is consistently lauded as a ‘Crozes-Hermitage look-alike’ by wine critics and has been touted as one of the best wines under $20 by Food & Wine Magazine.

The Syrah Tous les Jours has become synonymous with Great Value. It has also garnered some incredible critical success in publications such as The Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusast, Food and Wine Magazine, Robert Parker, Jr., etc. More importantly it has been our best selling Syrah, which means that you all enjoy the wine. The 2015 vintage is remarkably dark and full-bodied, and yet it has such gentle tannins. It is truly a pleasure to drink, especially at the price. Lots of fruit and spices need to wax poetic about this one as it tastes just plain yummy.

We feel the wine makes an ideal "House Wine" the wine you open just for the heck of it, or just to pour a single glass, the rest to be enjoyed later. And at this price, why not?  However, we do not skimp on the winemaking for this wine. We start with great grapes from Paso Robles and the Santa Ynez Valley and use the different climates to create a wine that is both fruity and spicy at the same time. I use my experiences with both New World and Old World style winemaking to make the most drinkable Syrah imaginable.
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