Adroit Theory VANTA Project 4pk can

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A Mixed 4-Pack consisting of:

AAMEUL - Black Gose [Black Limes + Black Lava Salt + Black Pepper]

HETHRADIAH - Russian Imperial Stout [Black Currant + Squid Ink + Black Sugar]

VANTA - A blend of two other beers.

This might be Adroit Theory's most ambitious project (yet)! You are probably familiar with a Black + Tan; the popular drink that is 1/2 Guiness and 1/2 Bass. Well, we thought, why not make a beer that could be consumed by itself, but also used as a blend to make another concoction. But instead of letting it be light + dark, ours would be Black + Black = Blacker!

Each 4-Pack will be a combination of 3 distinct beers, each with its own label:

(1) Can of AAMEUL - Gose
(1) Can of HETHRADIAH - Stout
(2) Cans of VANTA - Blended Beer

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