Meet the Staff

We are a group of misfit do-gooders with super heroic powers that enable us to rid the world of bad wine, yucky beer, fake cheese and imitation cigars!

All jokes aside, The Wine Seller was started in 1998 by long-time businessman Bill Moore.  After working very, very hard for a large corporation, Bill decided he was tired of his 9-5 lifestyle, so he and his lovely wife (Nancy) retired to Williamsburg.  After settling in their new home, Bill began playing golf and traveling more.  Nancy enjoyed spending time with Bill for a change, and they led a happy life.  About one week after his retirement (just kidding, it was more like two), Nancy decided that Bill needed something more to occupy his time than golf.  Having always loved wine and people, Bill thought that perhaps the natural thing to do would be open a wine store.  So as any businessman would, he thought about it and talked about it and developed a business plan, and in November of 1998 the doors of The Wine Seller opened.  Neither Bill nor Nancy have ever looked back.

We love The Wine Seller so much that some of us willingly give our paychecks right back to the store in exchange for various sundries.  Most of all, we love talking to y'all.  If it's in this store, chances are someone's tried it, which means we really, really know our products.

Bill Moore  Amber Hatfield  Andy Engel Joseph Hoffman Tracey Gormer Pam Gohn Debbie Downs

Bill Moore 

Owner and Operator - Resident "Old Guy"

Favorite Wine: any Cabernet Sauvignon

Favorite Beer: any IPA

Favorite Cheese: Stilton

Dream Vacation: Kicked back on a beach in Marco Island

Amber Hatfield 

General Manager - Fixer of All-the-Things

Favorite Wine: I have a slight obsession with Italian wines. And Rosé My heart belongs to Rosé.  

Favorite Beer: Barleywine Ales - unless it's 90 degrees outside, then it's Rosé

Favorite Cheese: Yes.

Dream Vacation: Trekking the Camino de Santiago with lots of stops for wine, beer, cider, and cheese.

Andy Engel

Cigar Manager - The Guy Who Knows Everything

Favorite Wine: Broadbent 1996 Colheita Maderia

Favorite Beer: Commonwealth Hippolyta

Favorite Cheese: Idiazabal

Dream Vacation: A weekend in the Smokies

Joseph Hoffman

Beer Expert - "The Hoff"

Favorite Wine: 2008 Domenico Clerico Aeroplanservaj

Favorite Beer: The Bruery Chocolate Rain

Favorite Cheese: Snowdonia Little Black Bomber

Dream Vacation: Visiting Tree Top Resort in the Nicaragua Rainforest

Tracey Gormer

Deli Manager - The One Who Makes Soup

Favorite Wine: dry French whites

Favorite Beer: Virginia Beer Company Saving Daylight

Favorite Cheese: Idiazabal

Dream Vacation: Any vacation is my dream vacation.

Pam Gohn

Gift Manager - Social Butterfly and Chief Basket Maker

Favorite Wine:

Favorite Beer:

Favorite Cheese:

Dream Vacation:

Debbie Downs

President of Tasting - House Musician

Favorite Wine: Barboursville Octagon

Favorite Beer: Center of the Universe IV Quad and Virginia Beer Company Keeper of the Keys

Favorite Cheese: Belletoile Brie for real cheese and Velveeta for fake cheese

Dream Vacation: any beach, anywhere